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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 30, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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friendly, open, very frank, the european union foreign policy chief spoke with egypt's deposed president, mohammed morsi. ♪ welcome to al-jazeera. we are in our news center and these are our top will news stories. 250 prisoners escaped as outsiders attacked a jail in northwestern pakistan. middle east peace talks between negotiators, face-to-face discussions for the first time in three years. the final appeal, lawyers for
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the former italian prime minister trying to overturn his jail time for tax fraud. > >> welcome to the program. the european union foreign affairs chief has discussed a meeting with mohammed morsi. she has been holding talks with most of the parties involved in the political stalemate in egypt, but refused to give details of what she discussed with the former president. >> we talked for two hours. he has access to information in terms of newspapers, so we were able to talk about the situation. we were able to talk about the nuclear missile. i am not going to reveal anything further about our
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conversations in anyway. as i have indicated, i have made clear that we are talking not because we're coming up with great ideas, but because we want to help facilitate the bringing together of ideas for the people here. >> she did reveal a few details about his detention and well- being. >> he is well. we had a friendly and open and very frank discussion during the time that i saw him. i saw where he was. i do not know where he is, but i saw the facility. we had a warm discussion. know, i have met with him before. he asked me to pash -- pass on good wishes. of course, i tried to make sure that his family knew that he was
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well. >> muhammed morsi is freed from detention, condemning the recent violence in the capital, there a callll for violence -- for dialogue between those involved. interesting the french foreign minister should say this when she said that we are not here to demand anything, that she was there to listen to egyptians to see how they could move forward. >> this is quite surprising, actually. just moments after she spoke, you know the issue of the detention of the ousted president is a thorny issue in this country. we know the authorities said that he has been held for 15 days. and that he escaped from the 2011, when the
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revolution was sparked. this might be one of the points , we knew that egypt would have to give in, maybe. at the time muhamed morsi had been held as a prevention of the regime of hosni mubarak, knowing that there would be mass demonstrations on the street. that was sort of a common practice any time there was turmoil in the country. the leadership of the muslim brotherhood would be there on prevention. forward forput confidence measures. she made it very clear that she was only going to talk about how the european union was willing to help egyptians with all the parties involved. she did not go into detail as to what was discussed with the former president.
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absolutely. she explained it right. >> it is many different ways that it was interpreted, with anchor, with satisfaction. however, we did hear from the leadership of the muslim brotherhood that they had said that they were willing to speak to the military, maybe even if they showed up as a public figure rather than the vice president of the interim government. but it was still a precondition that mohammed morsi must be freed and reinstated. legitimate president of egypt as they see him. we heard from youth groups to point thathey made a the european union must
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recognize what happened over the past month in egypt was a revolution and not a military coup. that the military barely responded to unwise popular oust the muslim brotherhood. differentfrom all the sections of ideas that exist in this country at the moment. suddenly being tight-lipped about who said was in terms of the solutions or advice that she gave as the best way forward. >> well, she has a busy day ahead of her, we will come back to you for analysis as it happens. thank you for the moment. now, at least 12 people have been killed, including six policemen in an attack on a prison in northwest pakistan.
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>> it was an attack on one of the largest prisons in pakistan. they stormed the heavily fortified central jail. close to 250 prisoners were freed and consider high-value by security officials. there are concerns the senior taliban commanders are among the escape. so far police have arrested one dozen of the fugitives. while a curfew has been imposed as investigators search for the remaining escapees, it will no doubt be a difficult task given the number of those who fled. >> the audacity of the attack
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raises embarrassing questions about the ability of security forces to prevent these assaults from happening after a similar prison break late last year. it would appear that he is being left with little choice but to use military force against this and other armed groups. country, ain the former provisional government acted as president made up of politicians from national and provincial assemblies, with the outgoing president boycotting the vote. the second day of talks beginning in washington, d.c., with secretary of state john
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kerry hosting a dinner on monday. no one had any illusions about how tough the talks were likely to be. side and talking, it has taken the u.s. secretary of state numerous visits to the israelis and palestinians to get them this far. their chief negotiator is seated next to his israeli counterpart. >> it is something that we cannot afford. but there is some hope. israel they will see the first meeting and understand that they should not give up hope. that it is reachable and ready to do it. >> a former u.s. ambassador to israel, a member of the israeli
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lobby group, the founding director of the washington institute for near east policy. >> it is a daunting and humbling challenge. one that i cannot desist from. i look forward with great excitement to working with you and their teams to do our best to achieve the vision of president obama of two states moving side-by-side in peace of sit -- peace and security. >> there are seemingly insurmountable differences. wouldlestinian authority get the west bank, the gaza strip and east jerusalem, most controversial. that will not happen according to israel.
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both palestinians consider the release of prisoners in the lower courts and achievement. they do not necessarily believe that negotiations with israel will lead to the establishment of the palestinian state anytime soon. and they say they do not trust israel. we cannot trust them. whenever they agree upon is for their own interest. yet here they are, preparing for talks. it has been 35 years of back-
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and-forth, violence, and blame. as john kerry says, there is ofy then -- a small window opportunity. on tuesday he is expected to announce whatever comes next. interior minister of tunisia has acknowledged that he is ready to resign. he made the announcement as pressure grows to step down the violence in the country, calling for national unity government to take his place. at least 10 people have been killed in nigeria after multiple explosions in the mainly christian city. it is not known who is behind the attacks. one of the longest serving presidents is trying to win another term in office. campaigning has been taking .lace
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meanwhile, there has been international praise for european observers who reported no major faults for the presidential vote. dozens of candidates are vying for the top job. >> having said that, information from our own observers, we believe that a first-round victory as possible. the second round is inevitable, taking into account when we have in terms, figures, and the situation. let anyone walk
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all over us. we are more determined than ever to say yes to democracy. but we will not take part in any more things in front of the entire world. benedict, rather polk francis, in fact delegates candid about women in the catholic church. at the we take a look country's accelerating productions. ♪ >> hello, there. welcome back. across much of europe we have seen very warm weather, in fact exceptionally hot, up into the low 40's, even. the trouble is one shoe introduced moisture, you have
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the potential for some huge thunderstorms and we have seen that in many areas, as well as a tornado. you will see in the damage it has been thrown around like child's toys. the potential for more storms very much in evidence. certainly down to the iberian peninsula, 37 degrees with fine conditions across northern parts of africa. highs of 29 in tripoli. across central parts of africa, heavy rain across parts of the democratic republic of the
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condo. further west the heavy rain is expected to reach down towards parts of liberia in the south. ♪ >> welcome back to aljazeera. catherine ashton says she has had in-depth discussions with mohammad morsi. the first official to meet with him since he was detained on the third of july. taliban fighters have freed nearly 250 prisoners from a jail in northwest pakistan. palestinian negotiators are due to begin the second day of talks in washington, d.c.. is not in a says he position to judge gave tate -- gay people. he made the remarks on his way
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back from brazil. richard has the story. visit to brazil, he walked through one of their most dangerous slums. it was attended by nearly 3 million worshipers, one of the biggest in recent history. but some of his most candid comments came much later. on his flight back to italy speaking directly to journalists on board. a series of controversial issues, including women and gay rights. >> everyone writes about the gay. but they still have not found anyone who gives identity cards. our lobbies are not good. if a person is gay and seeks god and has good will, them i to
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judge him? he upheld the ban on gay -- on women priests. >> mary was more important than the apostles, bishops, and priests. women in the church are more important than bishops and priests. we have to do better at getting this message across. his trip remembered not just for the crowds, but for his frank and open answers on the flight home. -- martin, al-jazeera. >> the political future of silvio burlesque on hangs in the balance. the former italian prime minister is appealing a ban on holding office. >> he is the great survivor, but he is mired in legal
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difficulties now as never before. his political career depends on the italian supreme court. the charges go back more than one decade. deliberatelyd of paying too little tax. >> this is the end of the age of plenty for the politics. what is next? hard to say. maybe it means even the end of the central coalition. >> that is because of speculation that if he is found guilty, his party will be thrown out. public -- prompting a new political crisis. fearsan says that such are exaggerated. >> the guilty verdict would make
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things more difficult, but we would still support the government, because the verdict does not depend from the government. we want badly to have improvements for the people of this country with better employment and less taxes. burlesque tony says the deal -- that the judiciary is biased against them. his supporters say he is a victim of a witch hunt. his opponents call him an embarrassment to the country. at age 76, he is probably too old to ever go to jail, but being banned from public office would make it hard for even him to stage a comeback. a memorial service is being held in italy for the victims of the bus crashed on monday near naples.
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38 people were killed when it plunged off the side. parents, friends, relatives, gathering in the town. two trains that well, police say that it is too early to tell. from the spanish national statistics office may be slightly improving. people may be out of work. the news is getting cautious in madrid. in spain noty quite managing to make ends meet. this entrepreneur hopes that that will change in the next 12 months as the spanish economy shows some signs of recovery. sewing shopr and
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to others looking for a spur up on their own. >> people come here with big problems. they have been biased. they are unemployed or their husbands are unemployed, so here they come to a place where they can enjoy themselves. but the situation that receive from our clients is obviously very bad. >> there are more than 6 million unemployed people in spain after five years of economic crisis. the collapse of traditional industries was followed by the bankruptcy of the state and the closure of tens of thousands of companies. small businesses like this one are fast emerging in their place. >> there is a suggestion of a slight improvement, but some economists are cautious. ,> to tell the whole truth
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there is a problem with the banking system and the flow of credit. the world bank currently puts spain below syria on the list of countries ranked according to the ease of starting a small business. but encouraging small businesses has become a government priority. obviously now it is a disaster. you hear only bad news. financial help? there is no financial help. these are bad times. you want to break down and give up, you say to yourself you have had enough and are not getting anywhere. >> a new law aims to create incentives and sweep away notorious obstacles by the end of the year, which should put more people into self employment so that they can employ others.
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>> at least seven people have been taken to hospital after a series of explosions at a gas plant in the u.s.. the roof was blown off a blue rhino police station. it happened in a small town near orlando. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. more than 100 teenagers have been rescued in a crackdown on sex trafficking rings in the country. >> it involves careful planning in 76 cities across america. withal authorities worked federal and local officials. suspected in being involved in running those rings.
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>> we are saving lives and bringing to justice those who violently manipulate these children and sell them for sex. >> it is understood that the victims were as young as 13. >> it is low self-esteem and support. she started6 when working as a prostitute. >> you are at the bottom of the barrel. i need to go there for help, for a hug. >> this is the second sweep of its kind in previous operations. these children have been identified and recovered. they said they're getting better at capturing those responsible.
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prepare >> the success appeared to be markedly more significant. that is in part because of the intelligence that is shared among law enforcement so that our efforts are able to find more targeted and as a result, it appears as though they were on thismore successful operation. >> many of the children arrested, we have tried to identify them and try to recover from this nightmare.
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>> our combat mission is ending, but our commitment to iraq's future is not.


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